Sunken Cities discovered in the Nile delta

The lost cities of Canpous and Thonis-Heracleion were not to be found but they were anyway by a bunch of guys looking to make discoveries. They were obviously curious what happened eons ago but they had no idea how they are going to prove it. It looks like they found the king and queen of one of the cities but it would be hard to distinguish which one. They were now taken out of the porn discounts¬†sea by a French archaeologist. After that, they were displayed at London’s British Museum as it is a place where all findings of Egypt’s lost cities are put. You can bet all the people there won’t stop at nothing with their theories as to how the Egyptians lived back in the day.


It was not until 1933 when the British Royal Air Force found what was beneath the sea and it was the remains of those two long forgotten cities. You have to give credit to those who won’t give up trying to find evidence of those who lived thousands of years ago. It may be a long time ago but what they need still lives on in the Egyptian culture. The theory is that there were many temples during that time but the hurricane or tsunami was too much for them to overcome. They did not have technology to help them prepare for such an unfortunate event. It is pretty amazing how they were able to discover the entire city of Canopus even though it is pretty much under the ocean. It is interesting to discover what they did back in the day. According to their findings, they were involved in trading which is pretty much a good explanation why they have such bulky bodies. They could have used their strength to develop something that could have saved them for something so horrific that it could wipe them all off at the same time. Unfortunately, none of them saw it coming.

French archaeologist Goddio was able to prove that Heracleion and Thonis are one and the same. Believe it or not, the statues and artifacts were in good condition thanks to the sand that they were buried on. Because of that, they were not stolen by thieves. Who knows how much these things were worth? A RealityKings coupon collector would definitely want to get his hands on them especially since they prove that the Egyptians are wise entrepreneurs. It really demonstrated how they were doing business back in the day. In fact, these discoveries inspired TV shows to be made and a lot of people tuned in to them to learn what Egyptians did for a living. The interest really went up when the TV shows had some interesting plots and characters played by good actors. You are going to be tuned in wondering what is going to happen next.


In fact, it became such a craze that everyone would gang up on whoever would put out spoilers on social media. It is a good thing the spoiler was only for one episode and not for one season as they would lose strength in watching the entire season because of the spoiler. There is always an option to not look on social media but there is always the itch to open your social media accounts in order to find out what is new with your friends so it would be hard to avoid those spoilers since you don’t know who is going to put them out. There are so many characters in Egyptian history and there will surely be a lot more that will be revealed in the coming years when Goddio decides to go down under the sea with his impressive team.

It is even possible that Egyptian history could be rewritten as we know it when Goddio finds something that completely contradicts what has already been written in the Mofos coupon record books. It is just going to make people even more curious as to what the Egyptians’ activities were thousands of years ago so kudos to all those who made an effort.